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Element: Water — Sensitivity, vulnerability, deep emotions. Pisces ASC seems to create almost invariably a sensitive, gentle exterior. The identity formation will be strengthened through Neptunian experience such as artistic endeavors or a spiritual practice. In developing our identity, the general process is to achieve complexity and strength over time — this is accomplished through practice and mastery of challenging skills such as learning how to run a business or talk in front of people ; as we pursue our own interests and deepen the chosen skill sets, this makes us unique as we keep growing.

Learning of arts — music, dance, acting, painting etc. Creative imagination is a Neptunian and therefore Piscean word. The successful utilization of this energy also seems to be strengthening to the identity — inspired visions, dreams, etc. The misuse of imagination through worry or escapism would hurt the identify formation.

The dark side of Pisces ASC is that identity formation may become difficult because of too much sensitivity and vulnerability — making it a potential target of victimization by others. Frustration in this regard may lead to escapism and even addictions, which further dilutes the self image.

This may suggest passive aggressive behavior, but also a courage hiding beneath the sensitive exterior. I have Pisces ASC with Aries intercepted — as I was growing through adolescence, it felt as if I had all the needs of Aries rising to be number one, but was too darn sensitive to keep competing with others. Somebody said it is like having two personalities, and you can use whichever one that is more appropriate for the situation.

Hiroki Niizato is a professional consulting astrologer in Florida, serving clients in US and abroad. He has been practicing astrology professionally since You can contact Hiroki via email at: Hiroki hniizato. I think there is several of us with similar configuaration, pisces ascendant with Aries Sun intercepted. I have it myself with important planets in Scorpio and moon in Sag.

I just wonder, why? Did you think about the porpose of this configuration? Could you,please, recommend me a good referrecne for reading about intercepted houses.? And about the karmic houses? I have intercepted houses and the 4, 8 , 9 , 10 and 12 ocuppied … I just want to find some answers, I need to find peace. Thank you very much!!! Of course the inner you will always be more complex than the outer mask, bear that in mind when you meet other people as the same applies to them! Gemini — Quick witted, intelligent, funny, changeable.

Cancer — Nurturing, maternal, emotional, manipulative. Leo — Proud, generous, charismatic, vain. Virgo — Analytical, clever, organised, critical. Libra — Diplomatic, balanced, stylish, needy. Scorpio — Deep, mesmerising, alluring, obsessive. Sagittarius — Wild, free, impetuous, tactless. Capricorn — Solid, hard working, structured, repressed. Aquarius — Individual, humanitarian, original, eccentric.

Pisces — Empathic, mystical, romantic, delusional. Privately spiritual.

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Imaginative at the core. Unrealistic at the core. Privately feeling victimized. Privately indulging in self-pity. Building a house with a lot of glass. A fundamentally confused person. Wanting an ideal home life. A kind and gentle family. A psychic family. A spiritual family.

Feeling comfortable with chaos and confusion. Feeling comfortable with illusions, imagination and sensitivity. Home is a place to escape from the world. Living on a submarine.


Moon In 1st House Meaning

A family of poets. A family of musicians. A family of filmmakers. A recluse. Living in the imagination. A confusing and chaotic relationship with your country. Idealistic at the core. Living in a messy house. Dancing at home, in private. A family of dancers. A dancer at the core. Self-transcendence through sports, creativity, self-expression, risk-taking or relationships with children. Pity parties. Romantic imagination. Attracted to imaginative, spiritual, kind people.

Attracted to selfless, self-sacrificing martyrs. Attracted to mystics and psychics. Attracted to musicians, poets, filmmakers and other highly imaginative people. Attracted to passive, evasive people.

House in Astrology

Attracted to people who act like victims. Attracted to melancholy, withdrawn people. Melancholy, withdrawn children. Not interested in sports. Interested in imagination and creativity rather than sports. Being a psychic or medium for fun or as a hobby. Photography hobby. Writing poetry for fun.

Retrograde Saturn in 1st House in Pisces

Writing poetry for love interests. Film interest. A film buff. Scuba divers. Fishing is a hobby. Risky water sports. Having no boundaries in risk-taking. Swimming for fun or as a sport. Compassionate and kind interactions with children. Withdrawn children. Spiritual children.

Indigo children. A person talented at creative visualization. Making sacrifices for your children. Making sacrifices for creative goals. Sacrificing your creative goals for the sake of your children. Looking for sympathy from children. Looking for sympathy for your creative goals.

Looking for sympathy from romantic partners. Affairs with pathetic people who act like victims. Affairs with sensitive and imaginative people. Dancing is the sport of choice. Affairs with deceptive, elusive, liars. Children who lie. Artistically impressionable. A person who is gullible in love affairs.

Self-expression through film, music or poetry. Messy children. Sloppy love affairs. Self-expression through dance. Self-transcendence through diet, health, daily work, or relationships with animals. Needing to have a job that engages the imagination every day.

Passive in taking care of your health. A daily job that requires compassion and selflessness. Working for a charity. Looking for a magic pill. Animal welfare worker. ASPCA workers and volunteers.

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  • Treating volunteer work like a job. Putting imagination to work.


    A working musician, poet, psychic or medium. Wanting a spiritually-oriented workplace. Wanting compassionate and imaginative co-workers and employees. Seeking sympathy from co-workers and employees. Wanting a working environment that is imaginative. Unselfish with employees and co-workers.

    A bit sloppy with everyday tasks. Someone who lets the dishes pile up for days. Feeling sorry for yourself on a daily basis. Feeling victimized at work. Someone who works on behalf of people who have been victimized by employers or co-workers. Escaping through an adherence to routine.

    Having a spiritual routine. Being romantic and poetic is part of the daily routine. Being confused and sensitive is part of the daily routine. Seeking pity is part of the daily routine. Wanting to escape through health and diet. Spiritual diets. Fasting for spiritual access. Sedatives as food. Foods, pills and vitamins that have a sedative effect. A job that involves working underwater daily. Working at an aquarium. Compassionate and kind interactions with animals. Inability to refuse a stray. Confused and chaotic interactions with animals. Unrealistic interactions with animals Grizzly man?

    An unrealistic understanding of the nature of animals. An unrealistic understanding of the way the body functions and its needs. Using visualization techniques to heal the body. Working at an animal hospital. Volunteering at the animal shelter. Volunteering daily. Volunteering at a soup kitchen. Providing food for those in need.

    Domicile (astrology)

    Meals on Wheels. Communing with animal spirits. Foot issues. Looking for sympathy because of health problems. Dancing is part of the everyday routine. Self-transcendence through marriage and one-to-one relationships. Self-transcendence through partnership and cooperation. An imaginative, selfless, compassionate partner. A self-pitying, martyring, weak partner. A boundless and ethereal partner. Marrying a poet or musician. A spiritual partner. Marrying a mystic. Marrying a psychic. Marrying someone who works in film.

    Marrying a photographer. Marrying a person that you feel sorry for. Marrying an addict. A desire to completely merge with the partner. An inability to set boundaries with your partner. Marrying someone who was or is a priest, nun, or monk. Having compassion for enemies. Sympathizing with the enemy. Confrontations with weak and ineffectual people.

    Confrontations with selfless, spiritual, psychic people. Confrontations with chaotic, confused, self-deluded people. The partner is delusional.

    Sun in Pisces in Astrology (Pisces horoscope personality secrets revealed)

    The partner embraces spiritual surrender. The partner has addiction issues. Marrying a kind, gentle and compassionate person. An impractical and gullible partner. A partner who is deceptive, and lies. Marrying an escape artist. Marrying a dancer. The partner is poetic. Boundless ideals of partnership. Unrealistic ideas about partnership. Visualizing the partner. A partner with a fluid sexuality. A partner with no sexual preference. A pansexual partner. Looking for sympathy from the partner. Self-transcendence through deep interactions with others.

    Self-transcendence through dealing with debt. Extreme confusion about debt, wills, and inheritances. The ability to get lost in another person during sex. No sexual boundaries. Self-transcendence through relationships with the dying. Self-transcendence through sex. Selflessness is sexy. Compassion is sexy. The desire to completely merge during sex. A sexual victim. Leaving a psychic legacy. Leaving a legacy of having been a confused, chaotic and moody person.

    Leaving a legacy of having been a victim. Leaving a legacy of having been a drug addict. Hazy sexual orientation. Indefinable sexual interests. Sexually passive. Dream researchers.